Ideas for Gameplay Improvements

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Just a bunch of idle thoughts. Apologies if some of these have already been proposed by others. It can be difficult sometimes to know whether a thought originated in your mind or whether it was put there by another. 🙂

  • Backpack (adds inventory slots but does not increase max carry weight)
  • Harvesting basket (allows area gathering. think a circular target area like the hoe. This item could also have some built in inventory slots)
  • Plow (Upgrade to the cultivator. Allows area planting. perhaps 5 to 10 plants at a time depending on the plow level)
  • Fish trap (passively catch fish. Late game upgrade to the fishing pole)
  • Wagon (upgrade to the cart)
  • Lox harness for pulling a wagon
  • Whitewash,  stain, and tar (for altering the appearance of wood build pieces and preventing degradation.)
  • Beeswax and candles
  • Leather canopy build piece
  • Tent
  • More meads (speed,  strength,  swimming, jumping, stealth, repellant)
  • Cloaks with raisable hoods. With the hood raised you get a small period of protection from the rain before the wet effect happens.
  • Lantern

I believe some previous posters mentioned this but I would also love to see some changes to the way the map works. Right now it's not only a map but also GPS, which makes it impossible to ever feel lost. I think there should be a separate compass item and that the map should not show you your current position. This would make weather much more consequential and would force players to pay attention to the landscape and build roads etc.


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