Ideas? Tweaks?

So yeah the game is still early on. They have a roadmap for plans and all that. Im very excited for the next decent update.

But it cant hurt to add my suggestions. Just was thinking about the commentsposts about certain things.

Number 1 being the 2star enemies. Not all, but some could drop special items or a recipe even for a new craftable item. The trolls red armor, the skeletons green mace, etc etc. They dont need to go crazy adding un dozens of ite s. But a couple new pieces of materials for new recipes would be neat.

Number 2 is the designs. Again, not everything should be changeable. But right now we can customize shield. But not the shape of blades/armor style/furniture design. Id like a choice between blades and chairs and stuff like that.

And last number 3 is wild events. Not random. Video games dp random events in 2 styles. The first being like destiny or far cry. A ping happens nearby. You can skip it for zero consequence or go investigate and complete the mundane task. And there is style 2, which ia more lile fallout 3. Their random events occur at special locations. X event can only happen at X spot. And some can be here or there. Like event B might happen at locations B1, B2, or B3. I feel like fallout 3 had some nice wacky events. And I feel valheim could too

You could meet or witness certain NPCs, moments, creatures or locations that are unique.

Idk all this was legit just from my head. Spitballin ideas here.

Feel free to comment below to tweak add on or alter anything here.


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