If u are having issues installing the new 12.12 update

If you have problems downloading/installing the update/game : (note, this is for a last resort if you can't download through your launcher, so you can do something while the servers are down – it downloads the whole game with a size of 15.2GB~ ) We suggest the following workaround. It will allow you to install without using the launcher directly. Game download link : https://cdn-11.eft-store.com/client/live/distribs/ Once downloaded, please extract it where you want the game to be installed, for example : D:GamesEFTEscapeFromTarkov.exe After that, in the launcher you can specify the path to the directory with the game, in this example you will need to specify the directory D:GamesEFT. Using this method, you will have installed the game manually. If you have any problems doing so, or any question, please open a request in the launcher – bug report section. While moderators can assist, they do not have all the tools and knowledge to do it in the best of ways here on discord.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/reqvgo/if_u_are_having_issues_installing_the_new_1212/

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