If you are having a hard time in Tarkov…

So I see so many posts whining about certain topics so here are some handy tips for frequent issues.

"I keep dying!"

A: Welcome to Tarkov. That Chad or Rat that just killed you? He just died 2-3 raids in a row. Now it's your turn.

B: If you are dying literally every raid then you are doing something wrong gameplay-wise. You're probably that idiot running along the top of the hill that I picked off. Or you are the moron crouch-walking through an empty field. Or you get into a loud gunfight and then spend so much time looting that I can come from across the map and plug you crouching over your kill still. Or you hit resort and then leave by the most predictable path possible.

C: You dont know how bullets and armor works. Check the wiki.

"I can't make money!"

Literally how?! It is so easy. Are you running the best armor and weapons every single raid even though you have a 23% survival rate? Then yeah, you will lose money. You dont need meta Labs builds to get a Woods run done. (Hint everyone on Woods for instance is running ammo that treats lvl 5 armor the same as lvl 2. Why run expensive gear when it gets two-tapped by an SVD you never saw)
I run enough armor to protect from Scav ammo, and run guns modded enough to use well.
Dont need to bring recoil to 20 to make it effective. Heck, I dont know how many guys running "meta" M4s loaded with 995 I have dropped with an ADAR with 856A1.
Run decent gear, dont run the best.

You dont need to loot Graphics cards to make money. Everything is worth stupid amounts of money right now. A computer check run on interchange. 5-6 fans is like 100k right now. Scav run on Reserve, if you dont walk out with like 300k, you obviously dont know what loot is worth it. Heck, even ignoring the Flea Market, selling to traders you can still make buttloads of money. That badass looking AK you threw in your bag? Make more money stripping what you can and chucking the weapon out. Think roubles per square rather than item. That Handrill that is worth 50k on flea market? Only worth 8k per square of inventory space. Worth more filling those 6 slots up with simple Capacitors or Wires.which go for like 15k or more right now. Almost double the amount of money, not even half the weight.

Odds are if you are not making money, you are dying too much (see above) or you dont know what to loot. One good scav run fund like two raids.

"I keep dying to scavs!"

Your bloodline is weak and you will not survive the long winter. Society is better with you gone.

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