Increase Wolf Follow Distance.

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Basically, I recently came back and started a new game after taking a break for a while, and managed to tame some wolves right away for "Troll Insurance" while mining Copper. I usually have 3 following me around when I'm away from my base, but the tether distance for the wolves is so short that whenever I'm pulling a cart, I am quite literally being pushed along by them, and when I'm down in a hole mining they tend to fumble around and get in the way. I never noticed before because in my last game I was already past needing to mine even Silver by the time I tamed wolves, and I also tended to leave them at home more often than not.

My suggestion is maybe extend the "tether" out 2-3 meters while our furry friends are following us around, just so it doesn't seem like they're always tryin' to sniff mah' butt all the time. In the mean time, if anyone knows any mods that does this already, suggestions would be welcome.


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