Inter-world Portals / world raiding

Hey all, feel free to offer feedback/other ideas within

So, a hopeful simple idea that my friends and i have played with is as follows:

Portals that go between player worlds, or servers. You get a steam notification that"X" wants to join worlds. If you accept, a random portal is generated ANYWHERE on your world, and ANYWHERE on their world, and players are immediately hostile (no friendly fire disable) to other players from other worlds. It has exploration – find the portal – then explore SOMEONE ELSES WORLD in order to find and ideally, destroy them. This of course changes your entire approach to secrecy, security and how buffed up you get in the game.

It also changes how you approach building as the idea that someone else might see it, and attempt to destroy it means you'll want it to be: A. impressive and B. either secret or sturdy. Going through another players world portal for the first time, and establishing a foothold, ferrying resources across, setting up and then setting out to look for other players towns and cities within a raid type fashion would change the game from start to finish and add fun: Multiplayer, exploration, adventure, PVP. It also means that exceedingly rare future materials can have a chance to spawn maybe ONCE per world server, so you can explore your world, others worlds, raid cities and building always with a chance to get something that one might only get from this side experience.

You can of course choose not to accept a world join invite from some stranger. But the thrill of it if you did…a whole new frontier to embark on.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment!


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