Interactive Ammo Chart – EFT

Based on NoFoodAfterMidnight's Ammo data (which comes from the wiki), i threw the info into a Power BI dashboard… to add a bit of interactivity.

Tarkov Ammo – Alen Knight

This will allow you to search each caliber, filter, then sort by various attributes like PEN/DMG/Class and percentages. you can also group them by CTRL + selecting on the left.

i also added a dynamic link on the caliber, that will throw you to the Wiki page for more details.

feel free to post suggestions/recommendations.

a few features i'm thinking to add :

I. pop up that gives overview of ammo when you hover over caliber

  1. information on guns you can use the ammo with

  2. some kind of an aggregate value…. that combines pen/damage… into one number. i'm thinking a weighted scale like (.6xpen)+(.4*dmg)=AmmoPotency value. a bullet having high pen but no damage isn't exactly useful. but i'd need some info on what y'all think would be the right formula.


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