Interactive Loot Maps

Hello lads and ladies!

Tatsu from Tarkov Professional here. We make loot focused EFT resources like interactive loot maps and guides. We create the maps ourselves from the ground up and include the details to help you locate loot as efficiently as possible. We were working on finishing up our map for Customs, but the timing of the wipe caught us by surprise. Since the map is about 75% done we decided to release it early to help new players learn where loot can spawn. It doesn't have everything yet, but we think it has enough to still help out. You can check it out here: .

The map works by identifying every known container, cache and loose loot location. Every location is accompanied by a screenshot to help you locate the position. And every loose loot location will show you a list of the items and item categories that can be found there. Additional information like Extracts, Spawn Locations and Notable Locations can be toggled on or off. Notable Locations link you to a much deeper dive into the loot valuable at that area (coming to Customs soon!). Currently, the Customs map has over 300 screenshots embedded to help you learn the map.

We also have maps for Factory and Woods. Of course, Woods is our priority now and we aim to have it updated by this weekend, if not sooner. We update our maps daily so you will see it change organically. After Woods will come Interchange which we hope to finish at the start of the new year.

Hope this can help out some of you get started and earn some Roubles. Good luck with the raids and happy holidays!


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