Interchange has been treating me well

Not sure if this is normal for Interchange but I've been spamming the map lately for once. I've never played it much before but after progressing the furthest I've been this wipe (I just filled bitcoin farm lvl 1 with the 10 GPUs) I ran the map more when doing the Ragman quest lines and fell in love.

8+ Tetriz's in the past 24 hours and 4 GPUs

My load out/strategy if anyone wants it or needs some help making money and want to try a new loot run.

-Airframe helm (No movement penalty)

-Lvl 5 AAPC armored rig (low movement penalty)

-Vector 9mm kit from lvl 3 traders cost like 200k total I run 50 round mags with 50 7n1 in the gun and 2 backups with ap 6.3. Workbench lvl 3 was a godsend for 7n1 but at lvl 2 Workbench ap 6.3 in the vector still puts in work.

-SJ6 stim (Use if you get the South Oli spawn or even scav camp if feeling cheeky)

-Grenades (3 personally)

-No backpack and of course meds.

Hole in the fence, I repeat.

Hole in the fence, got it? Man my survival rate went up ten fold the moment I started taking the no backpack extract. Extract campers on interchange are awful and the amount of corners and possible areas you have to clear is insane.

The runs are really simple but can be highly contested especially if going the most profitable route when your spawn is juicy.

If you get the South spawn on Oli side stim up with SJ6 and haul ass to bottom tech, you will beat everyone there and can pouch a Tetriz easily before being pushed. I've even looted it fast enough to get to lvl 2 techlight without a fight. It's possible to hit both uncontested either but in my experience that is less common.

If you get scav camp and want to contest tech you can always stim up and be on them as they go up Oli stairs contesting them before they can even loot tech. I 50/50 stim here or pouch it for another run.

After looting both techs you usually have some juicy loot, if you don't you can check outer medical storage spawns or drop down and get more aggressive checking Rasmussen spawns/rat around. If you're looted though at this point I push towards the back Oli staircase which is I believe East? from Techlight on the second story. You can then loot the computers below if slots are available if not push into Oli to take the escalator down to the parking garage. You then go east through the hole in the wall and continue through the parking garage to the back east side of the map where hole in the fence is located and extract.

North/Northeast side spawns I simply loot Idea office/tech room and statue spawns. I then loot Goshan offices and hit the Trend escalator down to parking garage and get to the Eastside of the map for hole in the fence as well.

You also don't need to be anywhere near as kitted as I go, just make sure your rig is atleast a decent size to maximize profit and good luck! The tetriz spawn rates been nutty for me.


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