IRL AMONG US with drinking

So my friends and I did a trial run of an IRL Among Us house party game.

Everyone coordinated colors and we created a Facebook messenger group chat.
Cards are drawn from a predetermined quantity, whoever gets the Ace is the imposter.

X’s in duct tape were placed throughout the house and the outdoors, including the sidewalk. Tasks were placed in locations as to obstruct vision except for periphery. E.g. stare at window for 30 seconds, or check self out in bathroom mirror for 20 seconds.

Everyone is given a set of tasks, the imposter fakes them. Some are visual, obviously imposters won’t be actually performing or entirely avoiding visual tasks.

To kill, the imposter double taps the shoulder of the victim. The victim waits 5 seconds and then squats down to show they are dead.

When a body is found the 💀 emoji is spammed in the group chat to get everyone’s attention and everyone convenes in a designated area to discuss, ghosts cannot discuss, no talking is allowed unless in discussion mode. And emergency meeting can be called similarly. Kill cool down is 20 seconds. You can’t just go around double tapping everyone without cooling down.

If you get caught running, you vented, and an emergency meeting can be called.

We had one sabotage which was locking the gate in the back yard so that if you had tasks in the front yard and you walked out the back door, you might have to turn around and go all the way back through the house to get there making the trip riskier. Only the imposter could lock the gate, or open the gate after it was locked.

For fun, we played at night, turned off all lights in the house, played ominous music playlist on spotify, and only used our cell phone lights on the dimmest setting. And we drank white claws.


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