Item Ideas

So I've put roughly 280 hrs in this game and I have a Few ideas for the You folks to Chew on and just to pass some time while my Barley grows, What would you add if you had the option?

  1. Bees Wax – Semi rare drop from harvesting your bees as normal maybe 1 for ever 25 honey, Possible recipes Candles- 5 bees wax + 1 copper, Chandler- 20 bees wax + 25 wood 2 chain 5 iron you get the idea
  2. Horses – somewhat rare spawn in plains biomes tamable and capable of breeding – if killed drops include thick leather horse meat, possible recipes could be Hardened leather Armor- 20 thick leather per piece, horse meat steak/horse meat stew(2 horsemeat+2carrots+2mushrooms) 100 health/80 Stamina Duration 2400 further uses for thick leather could be riding crop 10 thick leather+5 iron allows for tamed horses to be used as ground mounts +50% movement speed, saddle bags 10 thick leather 10 linen 10 slot bag for tamed horse.


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