It’s a month into wipe and you’re all burned out. Take a break.


I'm having an absolute blast playing this wipe. I come here to learn a thing or two while I'm loosing a payload on the porcelain throne and all I see is a bunch of tired andies complaining about anything they can fucking think of:
– Rain
– Desync
– Losing items
– Connectivity issues
– Game is hard
– Cheaters

I know you hate hearing this, but it's a beta. Yes, you paid a lot of money for EOD, but you really need to manage your expectations a bit. There are going to be issues, and it's going to be rough. If it isn't fun, take a break please. Fuel up that bitcoin farm and take a break.

All of us that enjoy the game would like you to TAKE A BREAK so that we can have our subreddit back. Watch a movie with babushka, eat a meal with your sister, talk to your dog; I don't fucking care. Thank you.

P.S. If you submit detailed, constructive posts about issues, I'm not talking to you. You're a goddamn hero.

I'm talking to the people that have been eating EFT for breakfast, lunch and dinner — that burned themselves out and can't tell their family from the dealers anymore.


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