I’ve been playing on 60hz all this time with my 144hz monitor, and you probably have too. (FIX)


1 – remember your graphics settings ingame, they might reset (nothing else will reset)

2 – right click on your desktop and Go in your Nvidia Control panel

3 – go to "change resolution" and Create a custom resolution like this 1920×1079, put your highest monitor refresh rate -> Apply. (make sure to tick the box "enable resolutions not exposed by display")

4 – Go in game, put 1920×1079 as resolution (at bottom of list), click save -> restart game

5 – walk in your hideout and test how smooth it is. ENJOY!

if your ingame looks blurry, make sure in your nvidia panel under "adjust desktop size" you have scaling mode set on aspect ratio. restart and make sure your resolution is enabled once ingame.

i Hope a dev sees this.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kyqirn/ive_been_playing_on_60hz_all_this_time_with_my/

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