Just an idea list

-Structure/gear books: Well beings valheim is so big believe instead of giving players some new crafting gear/structures. Would be interesting if you could travel and find them in crypts etc for new rare items to make. (can go one step further for rare books, for rare gear make the player find torn pages)

-Structure upgrades: Ability to use tier nails (bronze,iron,silver,etc..) to upgrade current flooring/wall/trap durability an look a little. Then hold required nails+fine wood, core wood, ancient wood, or super hard to find oak wood, this would change the appearance completely and add more to the structure integrity. (yes even boats)

-Bucket?: ability to dispose or add water to/from trenches and holes (swamp iron cough)

-Bones Bones Bones: Well we sure do get alot of these things with all the waves and making them spawn everywhere so.. here is a few idea. Bone arrows, Bone spike walls, Fertilizer, Alternative of wood for coal

-Cooking upgrades people, UPGRADES!: The ability to farm spices**, i.e Salt rocks, pepper corn, peppers.** items to be used with the caldrons upgrade tab to extend duration increase +1effects etc

-Master portal: An endgame portal that allows up to 10 players to link too, up to 3-5 max. Destination can be set by socketing trophy/gem-ore to each portal

-Cup?&mead?: The ability to gain an instant rested buff when 2 or more players in the area que up for a mead toast! the more players the longer/ higher tier the buff.

-Cheater.Cheater yggdrasil eater!: A system put in place that any character that stats have been changed has a (c) next to their username as well as a (c) next to any items spawned. Future plan to have an anti cheat option for filters so Cheat account/spawned items cannot be brought into a world.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/lu0fbu/just_an_idea_list/

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