Just did a 200IQ play on my friends

I sussed out my own imposter teammate to make myself look innocent and played the rest of the game super passive. Eventually we were down to 5ppl after voting one person out then we voted another out as they know I call a sabatage right after button but I convinced them by saying there’s only 4 of us if I was imposter I’d call sabatage immediately if there was 3 left. So they voted someone out and the next round I instantly call button as there was only 3 of us and killed and won the game.

Another trick I did today was there was 4 of us left. They voted the wrong one out there was only 3. I argued that if I was imposter I’d immediately call sabatage to kill them and win the game which is what I normally do but by switching up my play style they weren’t able to predict it and voted the wrong one out.

You can use this trick in your own lobby too today I decided to switch up my play style to make myself unpredictable.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/k3d632/just_did_a_200iq_play_on_my_friends/

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