Just some quick tips for Gunsmith Quests (Number 1 will make you rich)

Just a few quick tips for the gunsmith quests:

  1. You can barter the RSASS from Peacekeeper LL3 for dogtags! In terms of value you are getting it for around 90k roubles. As the RSASS quest gets you 3 bitcoins, it's an easy way to make a boatload of cash. With this barter and some others, Gunsmith Part 6-8 are an easy way to make a few million roubles and some XP.
  2. Don't follow the wiki blindly. The parts on the wiki are often overpriced, because everybody is using them for their builds. If you find alternative parts with the same or better stats, that are cheaper, take them.
  3. Use Barter trades for parts. They are often way cheaper than just buying for roubles: i.e. M870 MOE forestock is 200k on fleamarket, but you can barter it from Meachnic LL2 for a rechargable battery.
  4. Get Parts 1-5 done asap: Part 5 unlocks the Tarkov Shooter questline for Jaeger
  5. Try to remember some of the gun parts that are needed for gunsmith and that are going for good money on the flea market. Sometimes it's worth looting a shitty shotgun over a good rifle, if it has the right attachements.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l1rrs1/just_some_quick_tips_for_gunsmith_quests_number_1/

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