Large squads can be wild, heres a list of helpful rules. What rules you use?

Made a list for playing in Squads. Recently playing in 5 man we have had some good fights and some bad ones. To prevent the bad ones I made a list of rules. I hope somebody finds this helpful and hey, maybe you can suggest something to us as well. Much appreciated, good day!

  1. Everybody is equal. No special treatment.
  2. Saying “Comms” leads to radio silence except if it helps the fight.
  3. Inform on your actions, your movement, your position and your plans if there is any.
  4. More teammates lead to slower gameplay – Don’t be the action hero.
  5. If you see the enemy who has not spotted you, inform the squad first.
  6. No looting while fighting. Prevent danger first.
  7. Loot your own kills when the fight is over.
  8. Don’t stack up to avoid being killed with a single grenade or a spray.
  9. Callout the direction and approximate distance. Landmarks. “There” is not a callout.
  10. Be polite, respectful and have fun.

If you have anything to add, please do.


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