Learning the Combat

Hello Tarkov Community,

I am writing up a small guide thats been helping me get a handle on my fighting (PVP and PvSCAV) in Tarkov. This is not an end all be all guide but a decent information (although I'm sure its covered in countless youtube videos and such).

First – Lets get mechanically good. I suggest going into factory with a backpack full of magazines OFFLINE. Set SCAVS to high or horde (if your PC can handle it) and practice various scopes, angles, fire modes, etc. Hipfire too (very important when whipping corners that you know someone is behind like a small room or something).

Second – Be attentive. You hear something? There is something. Always. Use this time to gather information, make some noise or throw a grenade in the vicinity to establish a sight line or where they are located. KEEP YOURSELF NEAR NATURAL COVER DURING THIS SO YOU CAN DUCK OUT QUICKLY.

Third – Depopulated servers are a great place to practice on. You will encounter smaller squads – 2 mans and solo players quite often during daytime raids. Just make sure you are playing aggressive. Gear Fear? One good raid can make up for several bad raids. I just walked out of resort with 4 player kills and 800k without finding any high tier loot. My gear consisted of a PACA and 6B47 helmet (Questing) and an AK74M with BT rounds. Nothing too expensive – Maybe a 200k kit all together. Good rule of thumb is to not take more than 10% of your net worth into a raid. if you have 2 million than a 200k or even a lower tier 100k kit may work out well for you.

Forth – When learning combat – be aggressive, but be smart. DO NOT let the enemy take the aggressive play. Stunt them and suppress their push. You can do this with a grenade, or some small spray at them. You will die, but look at how you are dying. Did you move away from cover? Did you move in a straight line towards them? Did you lose track of them? These are all things that you will learn over time.

Fifth – You will die a lot, but don't focus on your survival rating. Focus on having fun. Did you kill 2-3 players but another one got you from across the map? It happens. Just think about how you smoked those other dudes. That was fun. Game psychology applies in Tarkov A LOT!!! If you are scared and hiding in a corner, chances are you will miss your shots or get destroyed by the chad who isn't there to "get the loot." My mindset going into a raid is Look for Player kills first.. Greed for them. Nobody wants to play a loot simulator. This game is about the ride. You dont wanna be seen in your pinto when a Lamborghini passes by. Be the lambo!

TL;DR – Practice practice practice, pay attention to every sound and visual cue, practice on depopulated servers, be aggressive but don't do stupid shit, don't get discouraged.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p0mcjk/learning_the_combat/

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