Let us find randomized certain leveled weps and armor at their respected biome, that break more easily and cannot be repaired.

Finding items in BotW were always exciting and fun because they broke, as well the risk/reward of finding an item early meant you can play as fast (fighting Ganon right away) or as slow as you desired. While I appreciate the satisfaction of creating our own weps and earning it, finding random items in the wild (discovery appropriately locked in their respected biomes) would add a level of excitement as well. This would encourage us to explore more areas and outposts, experiment with the other weps playstyle, and yet will still give us the desire to craft full versions of these for repairable versions without feeling the sense of regret of needing to grind for weps that will be eventually replaced by the next age. These temp weps would also be putting more value towards the merchant where we can sell the items we dont like, or pay to fully upgrade to repairable status at a VERY VERY high fee if we would rather pay than to spend time crafting.

The items could be valued both in player used durability and in varying found already pre worn durability, but still always retain the same stats as the crafted version. All these variations mean selling to merchant alters max value. As well as the higher the find of the level wep, the easier they break yet retaining stats. Where finding a level 3 Silver Sword would keep the same stats as a crafted wep, yet break at a 3rd of the rate. Imagine finding a rare randomly generated level 4 blackmetal sword still player unused, and generated fully durable in the wild. The merchant can buy it at a high price, while creating the sense of natural value and lore of the weapon surviving as long as it did.

From my understanding, the game world and biomes are generation from the initial seed, while the enemy encounters are scaled and randomized by the game server progression. By following this but through weapon placement, and if items are randomly generated through chests, they can find a system that generates a mix between two systems. I dont want to to get into the whole possibilities of an ingame economy since everyone can spawn anything from console but the values self imposed from discovery and possession to where you can display items at home very alluring as well.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ml6l1j/let_us_find_randomized_certain_leveled_weps_and/

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