Lets help the poor/low level players a bit. Some of my personal favourite tricks for kits on a budget.

So I was playing with a friend of mine a few nights ago, and I noticed that while both of us were roughly same level, he was substantially poorer than me. I decided to run his kits for a while, and rapidly lost funds. So why was I richer than him? Because I used kits half the cost of his, that were just as effective. But now, after copying his kits, I was poor. Let me take you through my ultra budget kits I used to claw my way back to a reputable sum.

There should be two helmets that you buy. Any other helmet that you pay for will be more expensive, for a lower cost effectiveness.

Introducing, The 6b47, and the TC-2001. But RalphTheRapscallion, what about the rat helmet? Who am I, Jeff Bezos? That shit is 22k roubles, the 6b47 is 18-19k, and offers protection from bullshit "head ears" kills. Buy yourself two OX bleaches, and trade them to Ragman. Every rouble counts, and this is essentially a free upgrade to ergonomics and protection.

The TC-2001/TC-2002.
So you want level 4 head protection, for level 3 prices? Well my friend, I have just the thing for you, The TC-2001. Level 4 helmet for 30k. Sure it has 25 durability, but be honest, if you catch a round to the skull, you're probably fucked anyways.

Everyone knows the rat rig. Incredibly cost cheap, yet still very effective. Wear this thing for 50k and you'll stop at least one m856a1/bt round from ruining your day.

This one is a little meh. Higher durability than the rat rig, but requires a rig and repairs like utter garbage. 60k, a bit high for only armour.

I'll leave you lot with a few of my favourite budget gun builds. One sniper's rifle, a one assault rifle and one smg for those of you on benefits.

Vpo-215 'Squirrel on Steroids'
"366tkm? Really? Over the mosin?" Yes. The mosin, while common amongst scavs, is expensive to build as a longer range rifle. 40k for the gun, 15k for the scope, 30k for a suppressor (and you will want a suppressor) nah. Vpo-215 with a supressor is 40k, if that. "But 366tkm is dogshit scav ammo!" Wrong. 366 tkm ap-m is a beast of a round. 90 flesh, 40 ish pen, it's like pre nerf m80. Will one tap unarmoured, two taps level 4, sometimes even 1 taps level 4 armour. The bullet velocity and drop are a little high, but with practice you can wipe out players at 200m with this little squirrel gun.

M4a1 "food stamps"
So, you want an m4? Well mate, you're in luck. First, you'll need an m4a1 lower receiver. Then, you will buy an stm-9 and an adar 2-15 from flea for 20k each. Strip the furniture of the stm-9 (hand guard, stock etc) and put it to one side. Pull the upper off the adar and pull off the handguard, gas block, compensator and rear sight. Put the upper receiver and barrel on the m4a1. Put the stm-9 furniture on the disgusting thing you just made. Sell the unused receivers and parts. So far it has costed us about 55k ish. Now, buy the pws compensator off the flea for 10k, and buy a low profile gas block for 5k. Add an optic, and a foregrip of your choosing and viola! A 70k m4a1 with 70 recoil. Thats the same cost as stock, minsus 20 recoil. (For 20k extra you can add a suppressor for extra recoil reduction). Some times my genius, is almost frightening.

MP9 "foot fetish"
The mp9 is the cheapest gun here. Its 20k, and has 1100 rpm. Its a super cheap, shittier vector. Buy quakemakers for the leg meta, or pst if you want to hit the face. And trust me, YOU WILL HIT THE FACE. This thing is like pissing in the toilet at night. There is no "single shot", or "bursts of aimed fire" there is only magdump. You will hit everything in a 20m radius in front of you. And only 1 round needs to hit the eyes.

There are many more cheeky builds that you can use when you are low on cash, but I can't give you all my sneaky builds, can I? Is the sub going to laugh at my gu s and tight nature? Yes, but they are just mad that they get 1 tapped through a 100k avs by a shitty scav gun. What builds do you lot have?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pli8sk/lets_help_the_poorlow_level_players_a_bit_some_of/

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