Life changing Tarkov setting tweak

Do sometimes EFT feel sluggish and u cant say that picture is smooth when u moving your mouse around? Or it works perfect and then next raid or day feels like crap? It is because windows problem with full screen. Even tho u can put your game in full screen mode, and yeah i know we all check disable full screen optimization on the . exe file like every youtube guide is saying, windows still have problem to make a game really exclusive full screen.

How do you know if u arent in full screen exclusive, well alt tab feels really smooth, or if u use shortcut media key for lets say volume up and down u can see bar for volume on the screen even tho u are ingame and full screen. Should not be like that!

There is registry tweak for that, believe me it is game changing it was for me and for my friends, its almost like i am playing on another computer. Gonna appreciate a comment if it works for you too.

Close the game, make a new text file on desktop and copy pasta this inside:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




















Save the file as: FullScreenOptimization.reg

open the file and apply the changes


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