Listen to this interesting new hardcore chad strategy my friend taught me

Level 50 talking here:

I have gotten insane loot doing this following awesome strategy. It saves time and is efficient. Just grab an ADAR or other carbine I don’t give a fuck what penetrator you use to finagle the job, enter customs, and then crouch in a really dark spot in the customs office building. So many low levelers need to quest there, but also geared players check the vault and the computers for graphics cards. The trick is to have something else like Clash Royale or homework so you can just sit there and be productive while waiting for the loot. People can never check everywhere because the place is so damn dark and nobody brings NVs because it’s daytime.

After 35 minutes have passed if nobody has come (which someone almost always does), I just head to the extraction by crossroads where both Scavs and PMCs can extract and get the leg-up/jump on players trying to extract. Works 8 times out of 10, usually when they check for campers you still have the leg up. It’s even funnier when I see them limping or all slow from a heavy pack, dehydrated or something, it adds to the glory of stealing all their loot as they were just about to make it out. The feeling that for the past 35 minutes I got my philosophy homework done while this man looted for me. Then I extract and repeat.

I have gotten hundreds of millions of Roubles from this and now do it all day


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