Logging for people running a dedicated server

Just a tip i'd throw out, if you're running a dedicated server and everything has been running well, you can modify your run script to divert the stdout to a file for an easier troubleshooting experience.

On windows it's done by modifying the .bat you use to run the server by adding


at the end of the run line. it would look like this

valheim_server -all_the_regular_info_here >> file_name_here.txt

This will create a new file in the run directory with the output of the console. To capture the errors as well as the output you can run the following:

valheim_server -all_the_regular_info_here >> file_name_here.txt 2>> error_file_name.err

For linux the process is exactly same thankfully, except instead of modifying the .bat file for windows you're modifying the .sh file.

Hope this helps anyone wanting better logging.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m1gqii/logging_for_people_running_a_dedicated_server/

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