Long Range GL40 Field Manual

1. Modding: https://i.imgur.com/q3nJJnf.png

  • GL40 (PK ll4 barter of 400k-500k cost)
  • Bravo 4 or HAMR
  • PK-06 or DP
  • MBUS front&rearsight
    • MBUS is for emergency situations where you're forced into a building and thus CQB is necessary. Take off the Bravo/HAMR, and you can use the straightforward ironsights for ranges under 25 meters.

Reason for the extra Bravo/HAMR:
Because 40mm drops hard, the gun is raised in a way that blocks your view of the target when zeroing at 50 & 100 meters like this – https://i.imgur.com/kG1E1cd.png
(You can zero your weapon by pressing PgUp/PgDn)
However, if you use Bravo4 or HAMR under the red dot, you can get around this issue like so – https://i.imgur.com/XPp7eDt.png

2. Ammunition

  • M381/M441 are extremely expensive on flea market at around 100k per round, while peacekeeper only sells 1 round per reset. You don't need these no-brain rounds for long range shooting.
  • M386/M406 are long range rounds, therefore most people don't even bother using them. This is advantageous for us, because the market price often tanks below 15k rubles like this – https://i.imgur.com/Z02U0EC.png

M433 and M576 is inferior & useless, so disregard them.
We'll be primarily using M386 & M406, at a cheap price of under 20k ruble per shot.

3. Ranging

  • Optimally, you'd develop a gut feeling of ranges in tarkov, which enables you to adjust zeroing among 25/50/100 appropriately.
  • Before you develop such skill, you can refer to resources like https://mapgenie.io/tarkov/maps/customs and select the bottom right tool for displaying ranges in a circle with your current position as a center like this – https://i.imgur.com/yVcIqSl.png
    Using this tool, you'll be able to quickly understand what the ranges are to your target.

4. Clips

https://streamable.com/ocvz9p – Woods Shturman 250m kill & SBiH pmc kills
https://streamable.com/lojlzf – Shoreline 130m pmc kill
https://streamable.com/7le3c3 – Customs SBiH kill (2/3)
https://streamable.com/bb3skj – Customs SBiH kill (3/3 finished)
https://streamable.com/ag6qgm – Rather close encounter at Customs stronghold
https://streamable.com/bstaft – Demonstration of how zeroing with GL works in the game

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/j1buz7/long_range_gl40_field_manual/

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