Looking for something to bring the band back for a bit? — Valheim Games!

  • Ben-Hur
    • Do laps in a designated course pulling a cart. Handicap the carts with weights if you want.
  • Demolition Derby
    • use the chariot race course -but winner is last one with a cart – everyone has iron axes
  • Mountain High Dive
    • this one could take the most preparation, up to a high dive off the mountains into a swamp.
  • Eikthyr Takedown
    • all contestants start at Eikthyr spawn with a bow and 200 arrows, first one to get deer trophies and kill Eikthyr wins.
  • The Chop
    • who can chop the most stacks of wood in x time, or until axes break
  • Regatta
    • designated course race with boats. For bonus effect, use corpses from chars you create for this purpose as buoys.
  • The Greatest Race
    • cross-world race, everyone starts with 160 bronze nails.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nc45ez/looking_for_something_to_bring_the_band_back_for/

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