Lost at sea

Walheim: how to make delicious mead and what it is for

I think I'm done with this game until it's more finished -I freaking love playing the game- but after thinking I closed the game, I left in a hurry to finish making dinner and after about an hour and half came back to discover my game had been running the entire time… lost about 15 levels in everything and worse of all my boat was stalled out in the middle of the ocean, waiting for the wind to blow in the forward. After I discovered my mistake, I followed the same path I took before I died and even further forward.. and couldn't find my gravestone to get all my items back.. now I'm contemplating just starting from the very beginning.. because I've already depleted most, if not all the copper and tin deposits on the starting island and that'd take another 10-20 hours to build all my stuff back up? And since the raft is so freaking slow, getting to other islands would be a chore, so… might as well start from scratch, but at point why not just wait until after a few updates (months? years? decades? ever?) to play it again? Also, I get that rafts aren't suppose to be as fast as Karve's or Long boats.. but jesus, it's like .. "what's the point?"

Suggestion to Devs: Make an auto-log out an option and make rafts a little more faster

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/p8zfe4/lost_at_sea/

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