Low Level/Intermediate Success, How I learned to Love Tarkov Again

Alright, so lemme just preface this by saying I am not the best. HOWEVER, I am not the worst either. Using the tricks and tactics I have been the past few days, I have made over 2 Million roubles, and get about 100-200k a game.

With that, let's begin.

I was having a really hard time playing the game after the FIR status was added. I was used to running in, stuffing my butt, running out. Who cares if I died? My butt was full. Full butt is happy butt, and that equals MONAYYY. WRONG IN THIS PATCH. Time to switch it up. I tried pure rat, I tried pure CHAD boi. Both had advantages, but mostly I noticed disadvantages.

Chad = Targets/Fodder/OOOO yum look at his gear lemme get dat ass boi

Rat = too reliant on opportunity/limited options when avoiding combat

Listen, you do not NEED to be either or. You can be a hybrid. Like master Splinter. Fight when necessary, hide when necessary. By mixing up game style, you become the master of your own destiny. Onto the steps though!

1: Find a map you love, LEARN IT. PLAY IT. LOVE IT MORE.

– When you spend enough time on one map, you'll learn where the loot is, where players congregate, and where to avoid

– You'll also learn the best hiding points, vantages, etc. When you have the upper hand based on where you hide or run, your success rate will increase exponentially. Case in point; I increased my SR by 7% in TWO DAYS by switching my style.


– Yes I know, when you're low level good ammo is locked behind the market level. HOWEVER, it is still possible to win fights. Shoot legs, make them crawl on their hands and knees begging for mercy. Then kiss their lips gently before doming them.

– When you do unlock better ammo, buy the best you can. You can have the most garbage gun in the world, but if it has great ammo you'll drop dudes like nothing before they know what hit them. Case in point, started using the 9×19 Carbine, or full auto with AP 6.3 with all other gear garbage, killing dudes like nothing and get better gear. Take their better ammo too.

3: Avoid Greed

– Listen, I know we all love to loot as much as possible. BUT, there needs to be a limit. If you get caught looting every single person you kill or just hunt for loot, you miss seeing details. Tunnel vision is no way to live. My advice then, my little gremlins, is to take only enough that you don't super stress about it. Loot is cool, but running with your tail between your legs is dangerous.

– When you are loaded up, take your time. People (especially me) wait for the wonderful sound of running footsteps to get more loot than we should. Don't make that mistake. Take it as slowly as you started or have been going. Look around corners, up high, etc.

4: Get good solo before grouping

– In my humble Llama opinion, it's better to be able to hold your own than being wiped as a group. Learn the maps, what you are best at, and use that to improve your skills and gear. When you can survive on your own, it can improve your chances with a team.

– When you do find a group, take it as slowly as solo. Groups are great targets for those with better ammo, and who have greater patience for sitting and waiting for those groups. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast when it comes to finding gear and killing players and scavs.


Have fun. It's a game ladies and germs. I used dude in this guide but that's gender neutral dudes.

Relax, destress, whatever. Tarkov is a GAME. Don't beat yourself up if you die. I did and it took the enjoyment out of it. If you die, laugh it off. If you make it out, reward yourself with some pushups, water, or whatever I don't know what y'all like I'm just a llama.

Have fun raiding everyone. 😀

TLDR; Tarkov is a game. Have fun, take your time, don't be a loot goblin. Kill people with good ammo, sell their gear, be careful doing it, repeat = success.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i7jzqa/low_levelintermediate_success_how_i_learned_to/

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