Low spec gamer

Hi. I am playing valheim on low spec pc. There are few graphic options that devs should add to allow gamers like me to have fun with valheim.

  1. Shadows. Even on lowest settings when i enter my base at night with few light sources i see beautyfull shadows dancing into the music of fire. That thing is killing my pc and my fps drop to 10-15. It would be nice if we could turn off shadows completely.

  2. Participle effect. When you kill a mob most of them explode in cloud of fog and drop some loot. When i kill few mobs at once my low spec pc dont get it very well. It is nice visual effect but not nessesery. Like many others like that.

  3. Tree leaves bobbing on wind. This also is killing low spec pcs. Option for not moving leaves would fix that ez.

I hope that i find here someone who understand my pain and devs would see this post. This options does not affect gameplay but would let a lot of people play this game comfortable. Another possitive of this would be that more people would buy the game! STONKS FOR DEVS!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mji82c/low_spec_gamer/

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