Lox Milk and Lox Milk Cheese

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I've been watching Valheim decoration videos as I intend to go all out when my rebuild is finally done. Seeing all the food items laid out is really cool, breads, fruits, soups, stews, pies…but WHERE'S THE CHEESE? Just about everyone's favorite food is missing from the game.

How do we get cheese? The most viable source I can come up with is milk the loxes. How I don't know. Perhaps we could craft a milking bucket out of finewood and tar with a touch of black metal. Use it like any other tool. When we click a lox with it equipped, milk buckets appear on the ground near by and when we collect a bucket we get say, five bottles. Much like breaking up a tar blob into single blobs when you loot it. Or we could even make the bottles at the forge using crystal, then bottle the milk at the cauldron, 1 bucket + 5 empty bottles gives you 5 full bottles. Add the milk to something like the feremnter to make the cheese, potential for another crafting station there. We could also have a new build in the form of a butter churn and have butter as a new ingredient. Add bottles to the churner to produce the butter.

I want to set a wedge or wheel of cheese on my table dammit.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/qb6xrr/lox_milk_and_lox_milk_cheese/

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