M995, Money fluctuations

Hi Tarkovians!

I frequent the sub a lot and notice a lot of complaints about M995 prices and the fluctuations of the market place in the past week or so. I'm not one to care what the prices do. here's why…..

I too feel frustrated when you kill scav and some PMC's in a match only to come out with SSH helmets, sks with red dot and a dog tag. often times the kills don't outweigh the cost of bullets and armor repair. So yes i understand the frustration. but here's some advice.

SCAV run SCAV run SCAV run. I alternate between PMC and scav runs regularly. I only scav interchange. The mall cop (killa) is your friend. you can find full squads of PMC killed by him. free loot. Even on a dead servers there is always PLENTY of loot no matter how late you spawn in. so don't waste your scav on other maps. 9/10 ill make over 300k from 1 scav run on interchange. When i find a couple dead players curtsy of killa that's even more $$.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e8cfpi/m995_money_fluctuations/

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