Made a sortable, eye-friendly Ammo Chart with some useful simple math, if anyone finds it useful

Hey shitters,

I used the ballistics chart from the wiki, which I know was also inspired by u/NoFoodAfterMidnight's sheets. So I guess you could say, this is inspired by both. My goal here was to make a chart that was easier to sort, and also give a few extra data points to help make decisions (or diagnose why I didn't kill someone).

Open to any future improvements, right now includes:

  • "Armor LVL" field, which uses data from EFT Wiki ballistics page that references the cartridge's ability to deal flesh damage through level x armor
  • "Power rating" field that currently weighs Pen, Dmg, Frag. Chance, and Armor Dmg and assigns an arbitrary value, that value is then weighed against the "best" value (Currently 338 AP)
  • Fully sortable and filterable format (by caliber, cartridge, penetration rating…etc)
  • not eye-burning white

Disclaimer that I am not a master statistician, this has been something I've personally used over the last year or so and only shared with friends. I figured it might be useful for others who might need it…especially as we get into a stage where more people are running higher level armors etc. Will try to keep it updated. Again, open to any tips to make it better. Thanks!


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