Make lunch-money as a n00b on Interchange (by a n00b)

Fellow head-ears enthusiasts,

if you are still a complete buffoon like me and need money after chadus maximus stole your last makarov, I would like to tell you about how much money you can make by looting Goshan.

In my experience, only the left most area of Goshan actually has food on the shelves but I may be wrong about that. However, it is possible to consistently find food worth 7k+ rubles/slot to completely fill your scav backpack and vest. Im just gonna share my priority list without taking flea into consideration, as I am level 13.

(Always sell to Therapist for max profit) worth it for me till Nr. 3-4

  1. Condensed milk, 15k rubles
  2. small Tushonka, 7k rubles either directly sold or traded for AKM with Prapor
  3. MaxNRG, ca. 7k rubles if traded for MF-UNTAR with Ragman
  4. large Tushonka, 5k rubles
  5. Can of green peas, 4k rubles
  6. Squash spread, 3.8k rubles
  7. humpback salmon, 3.6k rubles if traded for car first aid kit with Therapist
  8. TarCola, 2.5k rubles
  9. Herring, 1.8 rubles, can be worth ca. 10k if traded with Vodka for a helmet with Prapor
  10. Saury, 1.6k ruble
  11. Green Ice, 1.5k rubles

(Personally, I only find canned food and energy drinks, so no juices, anything packed in plastic, or alcoholic beverages.)

I know its not optimal as other loot can often be worth more and flea often has much better prices, but at least it is almost guaranteed that you will find 100k+ rubles worth of food every raid.

Drop stuff if you find better items while on your way to and from Goshan (stashes, dead PMCs, etc.) and you should make a decent buck if you sell everything.


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