Make tames take less (or no) poison damage.

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So I found out you can tame wolves the other day. Spent a good 5 or so hours after work figuring it out, dying a ton but pulling it off eventually. Even tamed some boars near my base because I literally just figured out tames were a thing. Anyway, finally painstakingly got my first tamed wolf and right at the moment I get it back to my base, a foul smell from the swamp… Oozers and slimes raided my base and 1 tapped all my hard earned tames I didn't even get time to enjoy. I'm serious, 1 Oozer fart kills boars and wolves, its some serious BS. Because of this I'm not even going to bother with taming anything other than Loxes until other tamed animals get some sort of defence buff and can't be killed so easily, or at least made easier to tame.

I think tames ought to get some reduction in damage from poison, even if its a cap on a percentage of their max health. Just make it so that they cant be one hit killed by an AoE attack that can go through walls.


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