Making Money Using Your Hideout

Time to get yo bread up

Hello, everyone I'm making a pretty simple guide here for newer players on how to effectively use your hideout to make those sweet Rubles. They keep adding new crafts so if anything changes I will update this.

Disclaimer: This guide requires certain hideout upgrades and trader loyalty levels/certain quests to be completed for certain trade unlocks.

Take advantage of the Traders

There are some components you can buy from traders for certain crafts and usually they sell them cheaper than anyone on the flea market. The one I always use is the Gunpowder "Eagle" craft.

You can purchase the M67 Grenade from Peacekeeper Level 2 after completing his task Spa Tour – Part 2, you can get 10 grenades per reset for $772 or about ₽98,000.

The RDG Smoke Grenade can be bought from Prapor Level 2 for ₽5,931 each and a max of 6 can be bought per reset but we will only buy 5 for just under ₽30,000.

Now simply craft five Green Gunpowder and you're already making money. This is the simplest and easiest way to make money from the Workbench. Selling those 5 Gunpowder for ₽60,000 each will net you ₽300,000 – ₽98,000 – ₽30,000 – ₽26,577(fee) = ₽145,423. It's very easy money and I recommend trying it if you have no idea what you should craft.

Advanced Gamer Techniques

Now here I'm gonna go over my strategies for taking the profits you have just earned and reinvesting into more crafts.

Now I said above to sell the Green Gunpowder at ₽60,000 and you can but I think it's better to sell at a higher price as the Gunpowder prices can fluctuate. So let's sell the Gunpowder for ₽67,250 instead and that will get us a little more money, ₽177,840 to be exact. But what if the lowest price for Green Gunpowder is say ₽56,000 then our gunpowder won't sell right away. Do no worry comrade for that is the plan. See you will want to list your items for a higher competitive price then purchase the cheapest stock on the market. So we list our Gunpowder for ₽67,250 and buy any that are below say ₽60,000.

Now we take our newly bought gunpowder and we start crafting again. I will use it to make the Red Gunpowder "Hawk" which is one Green Gunpowder, one Blue Gunpowder, and one Matches. I either find and hold onto the Blue Gunpowder or buy it of the flea, same with the Matches. I will then repeat the process above with the Red Gunpowder take that stock I just bought and craft 9×19 AP 6.3 ammo which is selling for heaps of rubles and is worth crafting without using this method.

My Life as a Hoarder

Another strategy that I think is effective is hoarding the results of your crafts so you can sell them at more profitable prices. The example I used earlier with the 5 Green Gunpowder is really nothing and it is much easier to price you Gunpowder higher if you were selling 30 of them for example. The posting also stays up longer on the flea which is a nice bonus. Last wipe I had hoarded an insane amount of 7N39 Igolnik rounds, 4 Ammo Cases full of it. I had even stopped playing the game after making it but my friend informed me of a price increase on the flea so I sold it all to the tune of 22 million rubles. So, you don't have to go that extreme but hey one day they could nerf the craft for AP 6.3 and you have a thousand rounds stored away you'll be laughing your way to the bank.

Other Hideout Crafts

I've kind of neglected the other places you can craft in the hideout like the Lavatory and Medstation and I'll go over them now.

Most stuff you can make in the Lavatory isn't worth is except the cases and the Schaman Shampoo. I like to do the shampoo cause it's quick and cheap and I'll make a Mag Case once I have the stuff for it, same goes for the Junk Box.

The Medstation I will craft Piles of Meds which is quick cash but recently I've been making the SJ6 stimulant. I think they're handy and I like to use them so I make them for myself.

The Nutrition Unit has nothing worthwhile even the Sugar craft isn't worth, you'd be better of selling your chocolate.

The Intelligence Center has many profitable items to be made but currently the UHF RFID Readers have skyrocketed in price since they've added so many crafts that require the thing. So try making that but this one is likely to change.

Lastly I use the site to figure out what is profitable at a glance. It's not always accurate but it should give you a good idea of what is worthwhile and what isn't. Good luck and happy crafting.


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