Map reveal distance

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Hey all

Love the game, great work, loads of time spent. Tiny yet frustrating issue though.

I feel like the tiny circle of map that gets revealed when you move around could be a bit bigger. When I'm sailing along a coastline trying to map out an island, if there are any rocks along the coast, you need to give them a wide berth as you go. This often means I end up with strings of "coastline" explored that just show up on my map as being water.

You can easily see the coastline, and stare the trolls right in the yellows of their eyes – sometimes youre even close enough that an enemy will aggro you, without the land they're standing on getting revealed in your map. If your reveal circle were around 15% longer range (30% would be great) I feel like exploring would be hugely more satisfying.

Anyone agree? It feels stupid, but I would be really excited for a tiny buff here.

Edit: what if they made it weather based? Like during daytime clear weather you had a big radius, and during snowstorms at night you barely see anything? Yes that.


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