Maximize your profit through simple equations

Good day nerf gunners. I was working on trying to figure out the new flea market/sell system to figure out the minimum max prices things could be put up for to maximize profit, meaning at what point if I start to increase the price I put an item up for do I make less money if the item sells.

For up front TL;DR, look at a vendor and the price of the item in YOUR inventory:

Jaegar sell price x 110.65 = value to put up on flea for max profit

Ragman/Therapist sell price x 120.72 = value to put up on flea for max profit

Mechanic sell price x 130.19 = value to put up on flea for max profit

NOTE: The equation can be changed at any time and this could become invalid, if this happens let me know and I can redo the calculation to find the new factors.

It seems the prices of things fluctuated a lot with the recent patches and I wanted to find out an easy way to determine, what would be the minimum value I could put x item up for to maximize my flea market income. It seems like the flea market price equation changed a bit but not a lot. I won't go much into that, if others want to see my findings just post below. It isn't exact but I was able to find a reasonable equation within 3% at all price ranges.

Overall, I was trying to figure out, what is the easiest way. After several attempts I found out an easy way to do this. Since the price of the tax is directly dependent on the price of the item and the price that you put up as long as the equation stays the same, you can figure out max profit as long as you have the price of the item and multiplying by a factor to find out what. The price of an item directly corresponds to the price you can sell that item to at a vendor. With this I found I could maximize based off what you sell to a vendor for Jaegar/Therapist/Ragman/Mechanic. This is what I found:

Open up a trader, see what the price of the item sells for on Jaegar/Therapist/Ragman/Mechanic. For Jaegar multiply that item by 110.65, for Ragman or Therapist multiply that item by 120.72, and for Mechanic multiply that item by 130.19.

For example this means if I wanted to sell a dry fuel, this sells to Ragman or therapist for 1196 RUB. Taking into account the factor, this means you should never sell higher than 144381 RUB on the flea market as you will start to make less profit after that point. At 144381 the fee is 85845 for a profit if it sells of 58536. If I put it up for 145000 the fee is 86465 and I make a profit of 58535, one RUB less and it just goes down from there at higher amounts.

Overall this pretty much sets a cap at the highest you should ever sell items on the flea market. Of course this system is ever changing and the equation can change causing the factors to change but for now this is my findings. If they change the equation up some it should be easy for me to redo this and find the new factors out. See the TL;DR above for the simple equations.

Thanks for reading!

NOTE: I didn't look at the other vendors as the 4 I have listed you should be able to sell 99.9% of the things in the games to these 4 shown.


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