Maybe remove or nerf the minimap

I'll probably get some hate for this but I think the minimap is a bit overpowered. I know that with such a huge world a map is essential, but personally I would really feel more immersed without knowing exactly where I was.

In one instance I was on my way to an FOB I set up in a mountain with an inventory full of silver when a blizzard hit. It was really exciting walking forward and only using my memory to find my way back and it felt rewarding when I saw a familiar peak, I even covered the minimap with a sticky note so I didn't have to use it. I almost walked off a steep side of the mountain more than once and each time it got my heart pounding.

It'd be challenging to have the map more obstructed when there's rough weather, like a thunderstorm or a blizzard, so you'd have to rely more on landmarks. At the very least I'd want an option to remove it and maybe other parts of the HUD like the crosshair for people who like a challenge.


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