Meditations for Rats #1

With the success of my recent Way of the Rat guide, I have decided to share some meditations for Rats. These are not meditations in the sense that I am going to coach you through a meditation session, but rather meditations in that these are Truths that need to be thought over and incorporated by those traveling the Way of the Rat.

The Rat is not a Squirrel

One thing that is true is that a Rat is not a Squirrel. There exists two main points to this Truth: a Rat must know when not to bark, and a Rat is aware of his tail.

A Squirrel barks often. When friendlies are near, the Squirrel barks. When danger is near, the Squirrel barks. When the Squirrel is working a nut tree, he barks and shakes the tree with no care for being seen or spotted.

As pertains to EFT, this means two things. 1-be aware of the sounds you are making. You do not have to use in game comms for humor, you do not have to run just to do so, perhaps you should not re-check that mag when you suspect an enemy is near, etc.2- be mindful of out of game comms. That is to say, needless chatter and barking on Discord can lead to death in game. Remember the strength of the Water Spirit, and know that great power can lie in fathomless depths of a silent and motionless lake.

A Squirrel that has been spotted due to his own carelessness will often try to hide. However, Squirrels are not aware of their tails. This means a Squirrel hiding in a bush or a tree will often not conceal his tail, and further will often swish his tail about because he is excited, completely giving away his position.

As pertains to EFT, this is a case of the Rat needing to listen to the Void, and know his environment–including his place in it. When you are "in cover" is the top of your head exposed? What angles is vision blocked? Are your legs in the bush you are prone in, giving your position away?

As these thoughts are brought into the Rat, the Rat can learn from the mistakes of the Squirrel, and can hunt others who have not yet learned from these mistakes, providing both offense and defense to the Rat.

Happy Gaming!


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