Methods for Improving FPS and Sound

Below will be collection of optimizations I have learned to use to improve my in-game FPS and sound:

Note If you have played this game for multiple wipes, then I doubt most of these will be new to you. This is mainly for new players.

Improving FPS

1) EscapeFromTarkov.exe

Go to C:Program FilesBattlestate GamesEFT.

Right Click EscapeFromTarkov.Exe > Properties > Compatibility
Tick the following settings: Launcher settings

2) local.ini

Go to your documents folder: C:UsersUserDocumentsEscape from Tarkov

Right click and edit using notepad. Make sure to save after making changes. I use the following settings:

     "ObjectLodQuality": 1

     "Bloom": 0,

     "ChromaticAberrations": 0,

     "Noise": 0,

     "Hdr": 0,

     "ZBlur": 0

3) Enable XMP profile for your RAM

I think a decent number of people do not utilize XMP profiles for their ram. If you have bought high performance ram for your PC, but never enabled XMP profile, then you are likely not utilizing your expensive ram to its full capabilities. XMP profile essentially "overclocks" your ram to higher frequencies. However, you do not need to mess with voltages, you just simply need to enable it in your bios.
Read more about it here.

To do this:

  1. Find out what memory frequency and timing your ram is rated for. If you forgot what ram you bought or is not sure, download the free program CPU-Z. Open CPU-Z and go to "SPD" tab. Select the Slot your ram is installed in. Look at the Part Number. For example this is mine: Ram Part number
  2. Google your Part Number and click on the link from your manufacturer (mine is G.Skill). See Example
  3. Note your ram's memory speed and timings. My speeds are 3600MHz, and timings are CL 16-16-16-36.
  4. With this information, reboot your PC into your BIOS (restart PC, mash DEL or F12)
  5. Go to advanced mode and find out where your XMP profile option is located
  6. Enable the profile and select whatever you had in Step 3
  7. This is mine
  8. Save and reboot

Optimize Sound

For this, I like to credit /u/Maxisquillion as I had first read it here.

Basically, Tarkov gun sounds are WAY too loud and they will definitely permanently damage your hearings and give you tinnitius. What I have learned from /u/Maxisquillion is to compress the gun sounds to more comfortable levels using these three things:

  1. Equalizer APO: Download Link
  2. ReaPlugs' ReaComp plugin Download Link
  3. Peace Equalizer: Download Link


  1. Install all three
  2. Locate EqualizerAPO folder: C:Program FilesEqualizerAPO
  3. Open Editor.exe
  4. Click green + sign > Plugins > VST plugin
  5. Embed reaplugs
  6. Click Open panels and use Maxiquillion's settings as a baseline
  7. The only thing you should really adjust is the "Threshold." The higher this is, the more louder sounds will get through

IMPORTANT NOTE* for experienced players, you will have to get used to the gun sounds again as well as how they sound in the distance. You will probably die a few times but this is worth it to protect your hearing!!!

I hope this helps some of you.


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