My christmas gift to you for Twitch drop : a browser extension ! (not by me)

Being a regular in twitch drops (on Rocket league during the worlds), I had found on reddit, a person who had made an extension for chrome which allows to automatically open a stream as soon as it starts!

You just have to add in the extension parameters the link (s) of the desired channels (only the name, the "" is implicit)

FYI, i have a long experience with twitch drops, and it is totally RNG, no matter how much channel you'r watching, no matter if the sound is on, no matter if the tab is active, no matter how many hours long you watch it. You can i have one drop for watching one channel only 5mn, and have 0 drop, 12 hours long on 20 channels, on 5 different place, totally RNG trust me, like the item you drop, RNG too.

Link to the extension : Chrome Store

The original post: Original Post

Wish you (good) drops !

N.B: sry for bad english


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