My idea for better castle roofing

I love this game, absolutely best survival crafty game, and while it is in an early stage of development it already offers more than 90% of other games in the genre. But I find myself a bit limited with the building parts- specifically, I want to make dramatic sloped castle roofs and I just end up with a thatched hut vibe on the top instead.

My solution:
1. Make copper and clay roof sets for a bit of variation, and maybe more structural integrity
2. Make 2 more slope levels of roofing if the geometry even allows this!
And maybe some kind of chimney or parapets for decoration, or even functional chimneys?

I dunno, I am just excited speculating as to what they may add to this fantastic game. I know they have a vague development roadmap but I don't know any specifics of it. I'm hoping different roofing options and maybe even tempered wood so you don't need roofing to keep it repaired? Let me know if you have any other ideas or speculation, I'm gonna go back to farming.


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