my observations on fighting scavs

So, you see that guy over there? The guy turning in circles just begging to be shot? Let's say you get into cover, do a little head peek and the- oh you got headshot lol.

So from what I've seen from fighting scavs, they pick one of your limbs at random and will try to shoot it until it is
-not visible
-torn the fuck off
So even though it will go against every instinct you have, when fighting scavs don't go into cover too often (unless your helmet is fucking rad), and if you do, try and leave your entire upper body exposed rather than just your arm and your head. It will drastically stop you from getting head tapped most of the time. Also wear face shields or a shattered mask if you don't like scavs with buckshot, they mean well but shotguns tend to be really effective when aimed at the head or upper body. Also try and verify whether it's a player or a scav as I don't recommend fighting a player out in the open


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