My opinion about the update plan and ideas

Walheim - five bosses

The game is challenging at all times making the player really prepare and understand the boss characteristics before fighting if he wants to win. Therefore, as a player I don't believe that adding new recipes would be a good thing, as it would facilitate the progression that I think is good. Also thinking about keeping the game challenging, I think creating stronger armor can make the game very easy even on the plains which is a pretty negative thing because you want the feeling of danger when you go exploring. All that said, I had some ideas of what would be positive to include:

Note 1: more building options are always welcome

Obs 2: a new skill on the shield. The shield wall that allows players to bind in a chain of shields

For the game, I would put one last narrative. With all the boss heads on the altar a portal opens. To enter the warrior must deliver all the heads of mythical monsters. The warrior goes to a battlefield. On one side we have the warriors and on the other we have the real villain Loki and his allies (monsters). The objective is to kill loki and save the world of ragnarok, but for that the warriors have to get through a bunch of mobs that would be almost impossible to win alone. The battle will be uphill and many will die, but once you defeat loki, you obtain the scepter of loki that makes one last weapon possible, a magic staff that attached to a stone will produce a magic weapon.

Note 3: Collecting resources from developing biomes, the player will learn to produce war artillery such as catacombs and cannons. Preparation for final war.

Note 4: In battle, there will be a new mob that drops a resource used for the production of the magic staff and other final items. So the player will have to battle more than once if he wants to Maximize the staff and these last items.

Thinks for reading and please leave a comment on what you think of my idea


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