My recommended rules for detail-oriented, or more experienced, players (Skeld & Polus)

If you want the crew's main goal to be sussing out the imposter, these might be the rules for you. The rapid playstyle gets lots of suggestions here (including in the wiki). My group's rules work best with crewmates surveilling each other – not task rushing. The ruleset happens to be very close to the rules Etho & the Hermits use.

The Skeld

  • Emergency cooldown = 25s
  • Discussion plus voting time = 120s (30 + 90 for friends, skew more discussion time for public)
  • Crew vision = 0.75
  • Imposter vision = 1.25
  • Kill cooldown = 30s
  • Visual tasks off
  • Confirm ejects off
  • Taskbar updates on meetings
  • Common tasks = 0
  • Long tasks = 3
  • Short tasks = 3

Kill cooldown and task number are balanced to give the imposter time to stage plays. If your group is completing tasks too quickly, increment the short tasks. Emergency cooldown is almost equal to kill cooldown, enabling clutch button kills.

Common tasks are 0, because Skeld has only 2, and one of them is filler. Swipe Card bunches everyone up, delaying the time until interesting plays start (experienced players would be watching for stack kills). Rather than a 50% chance of an interesting Fix Wiring, better to schedule Short and Long tasks instead.

Meeting time should be enough for crewmates to swap notes. If your group is very detail-oriented, up it, though I wouldn't go beyond 3 minutes.

Vision is a major part of imposter plays. We've found 0.75 to be a sweet spot, with 0.5 for extra challenge. 1 is good for new players; higher than 1 isn't suited for this playstyle. 1.25 for the imposter encourages a little more situational awareness, whilst still having an advantage.

The "difficulty" settings – visual tasks, confirm ejects, taskbar updates – are good for new players. More experienced players can use them to cheaply gain information, without investigation. So they're nerfed. Taskbar updates is still present on meetings, so imposters can gauge time pressure.

Other settings, such as player speed, should be at default. If faster, imposters can't create reliable windows of opportunity. Kill distance isn't impactful; the imposter will kill their target regardless.


As above, except:

  • Player speed = 1.25
  • Common tasks = 1
  • Long tasks = 2
  • Short tasks = 3

Polus is a larger map, with a pool of 4 commons. I wouldn't raise commons above 1 or it shackles imposters.


  • Up to 7 players = 1
  • 8 to 10 = 2

The aim here is to have at least a couple of body discovery meetings before the crew is forced to vote.

Hopefully these rules are of use to anyone looking for a different style of game. Or at least future me, wondering if a ruleset that discourages task rushing exists. Remember you promised to call your parents once a month, future me.


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