My thoughts on play style (for players of every level)

Disclaimed*** before I get crucified this is simply my opinion on what I deem the most effective way to play and best way to learn the game, and intern SURVIVE Tarkov.

Ive come across too many players who, once examining their stash have STACKS of weapons they’ve taken off PMC’s in the hopes that one day they will use that kitted, META M4 or that loaded up SVDS, when in reality this, to me, is a mistake.

Below are my thoughts:

  1. SELL EVERY WEAPON YOU LOOT (well not every weapon)

When I first started in Tarkov, I, like many others, got lucky a few times and ended up leaving the raid with a kitted-out weapon. At first, I stored these weapons in the hopes that I would deem a raid important enough to use it in. Maybe I would use it when raiding with a buddy or for an important quest. I soon realized that. A: I never used it, or B: I took it into a raid and lost it immediately

I then found myself with backpacks full of all types of weapons each with different attachments. I decided that I would sell them all and change the way I think about the game, and all though it hurt, I ended up making a big stack of cash and this decision made me an infinitely better player.

See, the thing is. Every weapon has a different set of attachments, recoil patterns, fire rates, ammo, ergonomics and this creates an issue: VARIABLES. Getting good at anything means limiting the variables that can have an effect on your game.

  1. Start with ONE weapon

Pick one weapon that you can afford to buy repeatedly and learn it. For new players this can be an SKS, Mosin, VEPR, or even an AKN (any weapon that is commonly found on SCAVS works well). If you’re under 1 million use a Mosin or VEPR and if over 2-3 million you should be using an AKN (again my opinion) . Once you start building up your rubles you start adding attachment. Start with a stock or compensator. As you start to make more money you continue to add attachments., The AKN is perfect for this because it is relatively cheap (28K off flea or 4 cans of Tushonka off Prapor level II I believe). The added benefit to running an AKN is that it also can be used full auto which, with the right attachments can be made to have relatively low recoil.

This opens up, in my opinion the most enjoyable part of tarkov, creating your own custom loadout for each situation! one of the best aspects of tarkov is weapon customization and you will never learn how to mod using whatever weapon you find. Each raid will require a different load out and in a few weeks you will have a weapon for each situation. As you make more money you begin to upgrade to the next weapon and eventually you’ll be the guy running the meta M4 because you learned it.

This will also influence your organization in your stash. If you have 20 different weapons in your stash that means 20 different mags, 20 different types of ammo etc…

When you enter a raid you want to be comfortable with your loadout, you want to know the recoil patter, fire rate, etc, and you simply cannot learn that if you are using random weapons every time.



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