My tips to kill Shturman every raid he spawns – Hunter task

The last week I worked on the Jaeger task hunter (Kill Shturman 25 times)
In this guide I want to show you what I found the best way to farm Shturman without dying to him or anything else and what kits I used and how the loot was

Most of the raids I used an RSASS or a Meta m4 build (I used HAMR scope, I'd really advice you to use a 1x4x scope when you want to go for him) , AACP barter from Ragman lv 4 and Bastion with extra armor. If you run this kit and feel comfortable on the map you will kill Shturman pretty much always when he spawns.
If you want to run it on budget all it takes to kill Shturman is a Mosin with the 3,5 Scope (I only died once to him because I ran into him at close range and I missed my noscope

I had an SJ6 in my secure container in case I have a bad spawn (Village, Sunken Village, Roadblock extract), this is really optional atm since at this point in the wipe not many people go for Shturman (I was often alone, sometimes 1 other player or Duo), I just used it because it is really cheap atm.
I just no brain rushed in the sawmill direction, I never came into a firefight before reaching it except around sniper Rock, here you want to be careful if you run down from sunken village.
I then, depending on what spawns I checked his 5 spawns (the most important thing for this is to know his spawns): Next to tree thats between Sawmill area and USB stick tent; duffle bag rock; North of duffle bag rock (1 between the street and Duffle bag rock and one Between the Street and a Rock a little more Northern; In the small Wood part between rock north of the street and the pile of woods and at the pile of woods (If I didnt describe it understandable just look them up)
When I spawned on the outskirts side I checked from USB Stick tent to Pile of woods and if I spawn on the Emercom camp side I checked from pile of woods to USB Stick; If you ran it a few times you will know the exact places and be a master in Shturman farming by yourself

Other tips:
– Ignore the guards, never go into the sawmill
– You can see 3 of his spawns (USB Stick, Duffle Bag and Pile of woods) down from Sniper rock. Its a easy headshot (Pile of woods 150m, Duffle Bag 300m, USB 350m if you have trouble hitting him)
– Use a silencer, usually I killed Shturman and looted him without anyone noticing because you will always kill him before he uses his warning shots

The Loot:
Its for me this wipe the best and most fun way of money farming: If you kill him you get ~500k every raid with the chance for a red rebel (I didnt get one this wipe yet, 5% to spawn on him, altho I got a violet keycard in the car)

If you have any questions feel free to ask I am happy to answer them


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