New Ammunition Chart 12.7.9018 – will be maintained up-to-date!

Hello everyone!

I've decided to make my own ammo chart which I intend to keep up-to-date for everyone to use.

Ammo Chart for 12.7.9018

Hopefully, with your feedback, I'll be improving it rapidly!

I'm thinking of adding "which class of armor does this go through easily" and note the highest class only that won't stop the round

Feel free to copy it and edit your own version of it, or use screenshot of it in your Discord community or stream! No need to promote me or my community that is being promoted in my ammo chart!

I hope many will find it useful!

Thanks so much for the gold award!

2 questions for V2:
I will probably add Fragmentation and Ricochet chance on the V2, should I?

Adding "Highest level of armor the ammo goes through easily" in the name of "Buttered" ( if anyone got a better name lol gotta be 1 word preferably ). It would show the number related to the highest level that never will stop your shot, for you to guess that higher could stop it. Would that be good?


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