NEW and FREE cross-platform iOS/Android app for Tarkov. (Tarkov Market Buddy)

Hi everyone,

There is a new FREE mobile app to assist and guide Tarkov fans and the community with item pricing. It provides daily Flea Market pricing as well as trader values. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can search it on the App Store and Google play store or use the links below. Hopefully, with patch 0.12.6, this can serve useful for most of you during this wipe.

This app is intended as a guide for new and veteran players as the market fluctuates with pricing. It can be useful when in a raid without having to tab out or ask a friend for how much an item is worth.

APP NAME: Tarkov Market Buddy

* Estimated Price updated DAILY
* Price per slot
* Trader Price Comparison
* Responsive search-ability
* Slot restrictions
* Tarkov Community Resources/Links
* More features coming soon!

App store:

Google play store:

If the app is deemed useful, give it a rating 🙂


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