New Crafts as of 22-1-2021

As far as I understand, these things are new since today:


Nixxor Lens1x Wifi Camera, 1x Plexiglass
OFZ Shell x22x Red Gunpowder, 1x Green Gunpowder, 1x Bronze Lion, 5x Smoke grenades
AK-74NWeapon Parts, wooden stock, wooden handguard (not exact)
Star Slug x7
9x39mm 7N9 SPP x200150x SP13, 1x Blue Gunpowder, 1x Multitool
AKM 7.62 AR1x VPO-136 7.62 Vepr, 1x Izshmash AKM compensator, 1x Multitool


Cordura4x Sling
6SH118 raid "Couch" backpack4x Army Bag, 1x Paracord, 2x Cordura, 1x Multitool
Blackrock Chest Rig1x Tarzan rig, 1x Cordura, 1x Ripstop
Water Filter4x Filter, 1x Metal Cutters, 1x Printing Paper
Alu Splint x21x UNTAR Armor, 1x Metal Cutters (LOL)


Whiskey x32x Water Bottle, 2x Vodka, 1x Alyonka, 1x Tea


Hemostat2x H2O2, 2x Pile of Meds
LEDX2x Opthalmoscope, 3x Magnet, 3x RFID Reader, 3x Powerbank, 2x Defibrillator

I'll try to update the post with required levels and materials as I find them out (I don't know exact required materials since all my stuff is crafting something right now)

Keep the info coming, I'll update as I can.

EDIT – Only missing Star shells and AK-74N material lists, if somebody were to be so kind?


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