New Found In Raid Rules

IDK if this has been done, but I've seen a lot of posts about people confused about the new FIR and Flea Market system. Here's how it works:

  1. Only items Found In Raid (FIR) can be sold on the flea market.
  2. Only items that literally SPAWN in raid or on scavs are marked as FIR
  3. Items in the secure container only maintain FIR status if the player does not die and receives enough EXP for it to be considered a "survived run"
  4. That means if the player dies, items lose FIR status despite being in secure container
  5. A "run through" will also ruin FIR status for ALL items extracted
  6. ALL Items brought in by PMCs (guns, armor, helmet, food, ANYTHING) are NOT FIR

Sorry if this appears condescending. I'm just tired of the repetitive posts. Happy hunting!


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